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Trend Micro Worry-Free™ Business Security
User protection for your business
  • Protect your business from data loss, viruses, and ransomware
  • Prevent disruption to your day to day activity
  • Manage security for all your business devices centrally

Say NO to ransomware
Over 100 million threats blocked and counting

Protect yourself
  •    PC
  •    Mac
  •    Server
  •    Mobile
  •    MS Exchange
  •    Office 365

Easy Set up

I would like Trend Micro to host & update software automatically

Full control

I have a dedicated server for hosting software and IT personnel to complete updates
Defends against viruses, spyware and other malware
Device control-limits access of USB drives and other attached devices to prevent data loss ad block threats
UNIQUE-Data loss prevention via business email messages, sent accidentally or deliberately
PCs, laptops, Windows servers Mac clientes (iMacs, MacBooks and servers)
UNIQUE-Android and IOS devices (each licence comes with anti-virus protection for two devices)
NEW and UNIQUE-Mobile device security (for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync user only)
Real-time scan for POP3 mail accounts
Stops spam and email-based viruses before they reach mail servers
Threat protection and multilayer antispam for Microsoft Exchange Servers
Web management console Via LAN or VPN Via LAN or VPN Accessed anywhere via Internet Accessed anywhere via Internet
Management server location On-premisesOn-premises No server required No server required
Updates and patches pushed to users Manual with complete control Manual with complete control Automatic Automatic
IT resource required Limited IT required Limited IT required No IT required No IT required

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Ransomware protection

Worry-Free provides advanced malware and ransomware protection

Your endpoints are protected on or off the corporate network against viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, and new variants as they merge.

- Reduces the burden of pattern file management and lowers performance impact.

- Detects and blocks ransomware encryption activities.

- Identifies and blocks botnet and targeted attack C&C communications.

- Secures users and endpoint systems from accessing malicious web content, without relying on updates, to assure zero-day protection.

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Defending against ransomware on the endpoint with:

- Behavior monitoring – Monitors for the rapid encryption of multiple files (filtering out good encryption processes) and kills the malicious encryption process before ransomware can spread. This advanced capability restores any files encrypted before the offending process was killed.

- Web reputation - Blocks ransomware threats via the cloud using data from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and by blocking the ransomware (C&C) activity.

- Browser exploit prevention - Uses multiple heuristic analysis techniques to detect and block exploit code on web pages (e.g., exploits in Java and Flash) that try to download ransomware as you attempt to access web pages.

Hosted Email Security blocks ransomware before it ever gets to your users

By blocking ransomware at the email gateway, you prevent it from ever reaching your users. In just a short, 30-day snapshot (April ~ May 2016), Trend Micro Hosted Email Security blocked more than 1.4 million emails with ransomware.

Hosted Email Security:

- Detects and blocks ransomware with malware scanning, anti-spam, and file
(including executables and macro) scanning

- Gives you advanced threat protection with sandbox malware analysis (optional), social engineering protection, and zero-day and document exploit detection

- Uses web reputation to protect against web links in malicious emails

Why Trend Micro?

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security achieved the highest overall score from for all participating vendors on
corporate endpoint security.

Not only is Worry-Free the best performing business security software, but it is also the most popular. For the past three years, more
small businesses worldwide have trusted Trend Micro for content security than any other provider.

Installation guides

Provides detailed installation instructions:

Worry-Free Business Security 9 (PDF)

Administration guides

Provides detailed installation instructions:

Worry-Free Business Security 9 (PDF)

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Provides detailed installation instructions:

Worry-Free Business Security 9 (PDF)

Rescue disc

Allows you to use a CD, DVD, or USB drive to examine your computer without launching Microsoft Windows.


Installation and upgrade walkthrough video guides for Worry-Free Business Security 9.

Best practice guide

Guidelines to use Worry-Free Business Security 9 more efficiently (PDF).

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Helpful documents to Trend Micro documents.

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